liscense plate bracket

hey guys,

in the process of getting my 2004 wr450f street legal and i'm going to need a tag mount. I'm using the stock rear fender and stock light. does anyone know of an easy/cheap solution for mounting the tag on the back?



that's just what i'm looking for! THANKS!

I must have had a search mental block because I tried for a couple hours on here and didn't come up with anything.

could i sell you my bike so you can get it plated and sell it back to me! ill even let you race her a couple of times for your trouble! I wish i could plate mine in tennessee.

haha, in oklahoma it's so easy it's just silly. The worst part was paying excise tax and a penalty because I waited past the 30 days to get the title (bike had never been titled either). depending on what you bike is maybe we can work out a deal after I get this all plated....i'd really like an 06 or newer for the updated forks and suspension geometry, but this 04 I have has a TOTAL of under 300 miles on it at this point :smirk:

i'll be riding this thing in a couple weeks down the street to some local riding "areas" which my truck can't get to with about a $200 investment. :rant:

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