kick starter stuck

I was riding my 03 WR 450 just last weekend and it started making a clicking noise down by the starter/ kick start. It sounded like the noise you get if you accidently push the kick started down while the bike is started. And the next time i tried to start it would not start electrically and the kick starter is stuck. It will move about 3-5 inches and then stop. And you have to out the bike in gear and roll it backwards to get the kick starter back in its starting position!?!?!? I need help i want to do this repair by myself but I’m not sure where to start? Any ideas?

but if it busted the kick starter gears wouldnt it be able to move freely because there would be no gear to stop it?

Mine didn't bust the gear, only the stopper itself broke. It acted just like yours did.

You'll need to drain the coolant and oil, pull your clutch basket out, and the side cover to fix it. You may be able to see what all is damaged by just pulling the clutch basket out and looking in with a light. My stopper was laying behind the idler gear, kind of hard to see.

that's what i planned on doing, i really hope thats the problem and it's a relitively cheap and easy fix, i will let you know, thanks for the input.

No problem, let us know what you find. Also, reread the TT thread I posted the link to; read the post I put talking about the decompresser plug and address that issue as well.

i got have got it apart i have to order the parts now and i will get it put back together. the gears look great and so only think that i need is the stopper. thanks for the help man

No problem. Glad it was only the stopper.

well bad news, i found another problem. it looks like when the kick start stopper broke it cracked the shaft. i am going to have to get a new shaft but is there some were i can buy the kick start shaft only not the assym.?? will a 05 WR 450r shaft fit?

I had the same problem, but I broke the kickstart gear and ratchet, as well as the stopper. The gear was not available separately, though it can be removed from the shaft, so I wound up buying a complete kickstart mechanism off ebay. I'm not sure what year parts will work for you, but if you have any problem finding what you need, PM me.

I am going to take my 03 kicker apart this weekend. Where is the best place to order parts?

I GOT IT RUNNIN :thumbsup:. Thanks for the help guys. I actually did a little upgrade. I used a bigger shaft. The gears on it were the same size and the back side of the shaft was the same size, the only difference was the outside of the shaft was larger... i reamed out my crank case and got it to fit.

Good to hear

I am going to take my 03 kicker apart this weekend. Where is the best place to order parts?

well i used ebay. the shaft assym. that i bought was only 45$, a new one is 200. but i had to do the mods.

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