CHEST PROTECTOR, is it really needed 4 Trailriders ?

Wasnt chest protectors made back in the day to protect your chest from back tire roost on the track? What do YOU think? Is it needed for trailriders ? :)

Needed for trail riding, imagine sliding down a trail of shale rock, the chest protector will save your innards, otherwise, the shale would split you wide open dumping all your guts on the trail! OK, so I'm a little extreme, but I wont ride without it. I'll putt around without it is all.

You want to know the worst feeling in the world?

Cleaning the muck off your goggles and chest protector from your little bro riding an XR250. How can a bike that slow be so fast through the woods?

That rocks! lol Wear it, not only will it save your riding day, it gives you more confidence knowing its there..nothin like zippin by a drz400 roostin ya and not carin.. :)

That rocks! lol Wear it, not only will it save your riding day, it gives you more confidence knowing its there..nothin like zippin by a drz400 roostin ya and not carin.. :)

Of course, when you're such a talented rider, you never hit anything or fall down so you don't need it right? :D

I wear mine like it's a part of me. I haven't had a serious get-off in a long time and I ride a blistering's only a matter of time before the chest protector pays for it self.

Back in '87 I had a serious dis-mount on my CR500 and the clutch lever hit me sqaure in the chest. Knocked the wind out of me for several minutes. I was wearing a full-chest protector and the mark it made in the plastic was unreal. The red plastic turned white from the force. I thing that lever would have punctured my chest for sure if not for the chest protector and I might not be here to beat you blue guys up... :D

I rode in the trails for years with out one and never took serous injury or even minor injury that would compell me to buy one. My girlfriend bought me one though for christmas and I have worn it ever since. I like the upper arm protection the most as in tight trails you often have to "lean" your sholder on a tree to work through tight trees. I dont ride with out it now, I like the fact that when I wear my camel back the straps rest on the CP and the CP spreads the load over your shoulders and back instead of them cutting off the circulation to your arms.

I can't express how important they are... I once had an accident where my bike flipped over me and the bike's peg landed on my spine.... All I remember is trying to move my feet to make sure that I could walk again... I got lucky, I packed up my bike and drove away from the Lake Elsinore GP with tears in my eyes because I was so scared that I would never walk again...

Please do yourself a favor and ALWAYS wear one!!!! I don't even know I have one on.........


I have a fox full chest protector. I really value the shoulder pads. I recently landed on my shoulder in a nasty spill and came out of it clean. You should have seen the plastic shoulder pad. My flesh would have worn down to the bone and possibly broken my shoulder. I rode the rest of the day, no sweat. Now, I have a nice set of scars on my chest protector to brag about, instead of my body. Honestly, it is money well spent. :)

Furthermore... once you put one on you can't even feel it. Why not wear one.

I used to wear one racing moto but don't even think about one for our trails. Most guys I know who wear one get dehydrated and heat stroke here. I rather get stabbed, titty whacked, scraped, bruised, broken etc rather than cut my day short cause it's so f***ing hot and uncomfortable. If we rode lot's of fast, open trails I would wear one. In Hawaii, you don't last all day in one. At least not a whole day with me. I've seen brand new chest protectors thrown away on the side of some of the trails I cut. We don't even think about picking them up! :)


I always wear mine !!!! I feel naked without it on now.




Long time back, I never wore more than a helmet/goggles, and sometimes gloves. Now I have all this kick ass protection, and I can hardly tell it's on me. I still feel vunerable with everything on. I guess I'm just more cautious in my somewhat older age, but I can't think of any reason not to have a chest protector or any other gear.

IMO, we can afford to spend big dollars on a dirt bike that propels you to indecent speed over all kind of terrain :D.

Why do we have to argue with people to get proper protection :D?

It doesn't matter were you ride, MX track or the nearby trails. The challenge of our riding abilities vs the riding conditions is created by getting better, smoother, faster, etc... That's why a beginner needs protection as well as the pro level rider :).

The pro's endo are "may be" more spectacular :D.

And if you are referring to the freestylers that make all the airborn stuff without protective gear. I feel it's a very bad example for all the kids that look up at them :D.

But it's a "free country". And the bones you will be breaking are yours... You decide :D.


But then I don't wear shoes, pants, shirt or a helmet either!

I cant prove it but I think it saved me from a broken back, lucky I only ended up with a compression fracture on my T7 vertabre. kicked over the bars on a tripple landed face first with my boot heels trying to hit me in the back of the head, I had an old not flexible chest protector on, I think it kept me from folding in 2 cents

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