07 YZ450f: Rear tire locked up, believe to be the transmission can anyone help?

Coming down China Wall this past weekend my bike locked up. I wasnt riding it hard just cruisin down and the boom, locked up. can get the tire to move with clutch in or get the shifter to move. I can kick it about 3/4 the way and am getting compression and moving the pistons so i am to believe the problem lies in the tranny. Any other opinions or know what it just might be? if sohave a estimate on know how much it might cost to fix?

sounds like the tranny if the piston/crank are moving but wheel is locked. time to split the cases and see what's up.

how did you get the bike out of there?

No idea what it could be.

If you need help, hit up Rudy.


What a pain. Good luck.

when my bike did that the rod shot through the cases. lucky me.

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