Special tools to add GYT-R FWW?

I'm gonna snag the heavy GYT-R flywheel weight for my 08. Do I need any special tools to do the install...like a FW puller or anything or does it just bolt on?

You'll need a flywheel puller but thats it. Now would be a good time to change the oil since some of it will pour out when take the cover off.

You'll need a flywheel puller but thats it. Now would be a good time to change the oil since some of it will pour out when take the cover off.

Lay the bike over on its side if you don't want the oil to pour out.

Lay the bike over on its side if you don't want the oil to pour out.

That works too. :smirk:

I got my puller for my '06 from here at the TT store. It was cheap, & I feel its a good way to support the place (this website) that I like a lot. I forget what brand it was I got, but do recall that it is the same one used for Honda CRF450s. They sell several brands of pullers here, and I simply bought the one for the Honda that was the cheapest.

And you will really do yourself a favor if you can spend some time doing searches on this subject. Grayracer513 posted a really good deal about screwing on the cap part of the puller on the end of the crankshaft. :smirk:

Basically, you don't screw that cap on the end of the crank all the way tight; leave it screwed out about 1/4" or so from being bottomed. This way, the flywheel won't have to work against the cap when it comes off. I didn't do a very good verbal there, but it'll make more sense when ya have the puller & bike together........

Anyway, that's the only 'tricky" part of the flywheel swap, and it's not exactly very hard...... :rant:


good purchase....you'll love it

Fabulous....if you get the 3 piece flywheel puller (i.e. with the protective cap for the crankshaft) read that linked thread from grayracer closely. And then read it again...and then double check it several times before you start cranking down on it.

This is embarrassing but I will pass along how my stupidity nearly cost me $500+ and perhaps it may help some other not so thoughtful people avoid my mistake.

I got one of those 3 piece flywheel pullers (Dennis Stubblefield) and it had no instructions with the packaging. I had read several places that the 3rd piece that comes with the tool is the crankshaft protector but hadnt seen grayracers thread....so after I took off the flywheel retaining nut, I screwed the protector nut all the way onto the threaded end of the crankshaft to 'protect' it. Of course, as grayracer correctly points out, this is just like putting a retaining nut right back on the crankshaft and the flywheel puller is then pulling against it.

But, I was in a hurry, didn't have experience with a flywheel puller, didn't really understand or think about how the tool is supposed to work, and started tightening the center bolt. It was difficult to tighten but it seemed to 'give' a bit so i figured I would keep tightening. I knew better...it shouldn't have taken that much force, but I just figured a bit more tightening and it would 'pop' off. Then I noticed that the tool was getting cockeyed and i was seeing some metal shavings coming off the threads. I finally stopped tightening but then couldn't back the flywheel tool off.

I dropped everything, put my bike on my trailer and took it to a local dealer, sheepishly indicating that I think I had screwed up the crankshaft and couldn't get the tool off. I suspect they had a good laugh about..."can you believe what his idiot did.....".

Fortunately, they were able to use an impact wrench to back it off. They took off the protector cap (which was now nearly destroyed with a hole punched in the top), put the flywheel removal tool on without using the protector cap....tightened and it popped right off and then they installed the offroad GYTR flywheel that I had bought on-line. I was lucky in that I did not damage the crankshaft and they only charged me an hour of labor to fix, button everything back up and and refill my crankcase with oil. The threads on the stock flywheel were also undamaged. The flywheel removal tool threads are softer and were damaged instead.

So far I am happy with the offroad FWW but havent been able to ride anywhere with it yet except the street.

Last thing...I looked everywhere for a good price on the GYTR offroad flywheel (and some other accessories) and the best price I found at the time was www.yamahasportsplaza.com. Here is the link:


That price is pretty good...but do they ship to Canada? Also, what puller do I require? Where can I snag one from on the cheap?

Yamaha Sports Plaza is my local dealer; they're about 2 or 3 miles from where I'm standing right now. I've spoke to them before, and they do ship overseas (Australia), so I'd bet they'll ship to Alberta.

Just look for a puller for a CRF450, and look here at the Thumpertalk store. When I was looking for one awhile back, I saw that they catalog about 3 different brands of puller for the CRF450, like Motion Pro, & etc.. Just buy whichever is cheapest......


I went through the on-line ordering system, and they only ship UPS, and it's $29, which is okay, but I'm sure that I'll get dinged big time with their fees. I ordered a pipe for my DRZ I had a few years back, and it came UPS...when it got here it magically had another $128 due on top of what I had paid.

So, I ordered one of these from the TT store. How much of a difference am I going to notice when riding in the tight stuff? I have a 51 tooth rear sprocket on right now, and do pretty good, but when it gets really tight I stall out sometimes. This will cure that?

I didn't notice a huge difference with the FWW installed. Some, but not what I was expecting.

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