Repacking the stock muffler

I've tried using 2 stroke repacking and that burns out very quickly.. knowing now that that doesn't work... What does. The 01 426 comes with a repack in the spares kit. But in Canada the price is $210 just for the repack :)

Does anyone know of any alternatives to using the Yamaha stuff? Big Gun repack is $40 bucks.. which is ok.. but long time for me to order. Anything at the hardware store work..etc.. ??? What kind of rivits are we using.. Stainless don't seem to pinch enough and vibrate loose and out.. Or is it just because I used the little hand held rivit gun.. and I need to use the bigger one squeeze deals..

Looking for some advice please ..

Oh.. one more thing.. do you just pull the end out and pack the stuffing in that way.. or do u wrap it around the core.. Tighter the better?

Thank you .. Jody

Ontario.. Canada

00' 426

I use stainless steel wool. I wrap it around the baffle and pack it as tightly as possible. I use 3/16th stainless steel rivets and use the biggest rivet gun you can find!!!

The stainless steel wool will longer than any other muffler packing. I last repacked mine four months ago and it is just now due.

This is a trick I learned from the off road king, Larry Roeseler. It works!!


Thanks for the pointer.. i'll check to see if the stainless steel wool is available at the hardware store.. Yah never know.. :)


I found some stainless steel wool in the McMaster Carr catalog for $16.85 a roll. Their site is


<font color="navy">I've always heard that steel wool doesn't last anywhere near as long as the fiberglass packing. Maybe its different for the 4 strokers?

Just my 2cents



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I tried the regular steel wool.. and that got spit out in a hurry.. like 2 days.. burned it right up. So I have ordered 2 pounds of Stainless, for 26 bucks canadian.. and I'll let u know how it works for me.

Ontario Rider,

If you can't find it call Stroker at 760 948-2871. That is where I get mine. It is the heavier guage stainless steel wool.



Try LCR Competition in Ormstown QC. at 1-877-631-9797.

They have repack kit from CRD, some kind of ceramic based wool, with some stainless in the core is what will work the best.

Repaced the exhaust.. Stainless wool is holding up good after about 5 hours riding time.. But the aluminum rivit's I used.. 3/16" 3mm grip range are rattling loose a bit. That's gonna drive me nuts. Do stainless rivits squeeze better.. whats everyone else running into?


I use stainless rivets. They seem to hold tighter than aluminum. You'll need one of the BIG rivet guns to snap them off!!!

Glad the packing is working out ok. My stainless packing lasts a long time.


I bought one of those huge rivet tools for cheap at Harbor Freight.

And it helps if you have the grip strenth of Godzilla :)


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