Which clutch basket?

Just changed the clutch on my 09' and WOW, the basket is almost trashed due to notching!!

Question is which aftermarket basket are most going with or is OEM my best bet?


Hinson (or GYT-R) has an excellent reputation that they earned and deserve. Barnett has an interesting unit with SS inserts on the fingers, but I understand that the inserts have loosened on some of them. Wiseco offers a lifetime warranty.

Barnett and Wiseco also sell replacement cushion inserts.

Barnett, they have Lifetime warranty, plus they will replace the stainless inserts that the plates ride on. other baskets are aluminum or some alloy so they groove, the stainless prevents that from happenning

Most premium alloy baskets don't have anything even slightly resembling the grooving problems the OEM part does. I had a Hinson in my '03 for 4 years and it was only slightly worn at the end of that. They hard anodize the part, where the factory does not.

K. Thanks fellas. Was surised to see it soo notched. Now I have a creeping problem, surprise surprise. May make me faster in my corners tom on the track with less clutch use though!! Thanks for the replies.

How do you use your clutch?

How many hours do you have on it?

Curious to know your clutch usage and time to define what exactly clutch abuse is on dirt bikes.

I have a 2010 450F and it has 33.7 hours on it by my hourmeter on the outside so by the ECU it has 35 so hrs on it.

About a few months back before winter set in I took the case cover off and took the basket off and it was still good. There was just a vague sign of notching. I wouldnt even call it notching cause there was no indention.

It was more than less just were the fingers of the plates was rubbing against the spaces between the fingers of the basket (like an oil stain that rubbed off).

I miked the free length of the springs and they were all in spec and the plates were to and i checked a few of the steel plates for warpage and there were none.

I raced 17 rounds of motocross in 2010 and thats not including the practices on suday morning and i ran two classes. I also practiced on sundays when they werent any races that weekend.

I just tried throughout the year while racing to not use the clutch throughthe turns as much to save on basket life. Seems to have worked compared to my 06 that I had. i had to put a basket and inner hub in it after the first year due to fanning so much around turns.

The inner hub and pressure plate on my 2010 was in excellent shape also.

Mine has just over 90 hours on my meter. I am a heavy clutch user or abuser however yo wanna look at it. Lots of slippage around corners and any short jump take offs.

I went with a Hinson basket and clutch plates in my 07 450 and couldn't have been happier. But I am sure all the manufactures make a good product.

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