What do you pay for gas?

I know this isn't thumper related. (Although my car is a 4stroke) Outta curiousity what are all of you paying at the pump. This morning I saw 87 octane in northern San Diego county for $1.95/gal. In South Orange county it's going for $1.85/gal for 87 octane. What are you guys paying in your part of the country?


When in doubt, GAS IT!

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Hi.... I know I'm in the UK and we're known for paying ott for our fuel.... but for your info, it's about 80p per litre over here

And that price is for 95 octane unleaded, its more for 97 octane LRP and even more for 97 unleaded

$1.54 for 87 unleaded Amaco

I paid $1.48 a gallon for 87 octane on Tuesday at Gas 4 Less here in So. Ore.

$1.36/Gal in Pennsylvania.



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1.57 in Missouri


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Why am I starting to get the feeling us SoCal people are getting worked with gas prices. I honestly can say that Northern California (I mean way up there like Eureka) has it the worst. In the 3 years at college up their it was always outragous compared to San Diego where my parents live.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

$1.69 Regular $1.79 premium in North Dakota

I paid $1.419 for 87 Octane unleaded yesterday. That is in Boise Idaho.



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The sad part of this is people who are paying $1.50 to $1.60 a gallon have been conditioned to feel as if they're getting a good deal. I live in the San Francisco bay area. The only people who pay more for gas live on the moon! We are getting hosed, never lose sight of that fact!!!


So Mike - what are you paying for diesel?

Got your bike back together?


Mike, I must agree with you. Last summer, I trucked my street bike (a Honda Pacific Coast) from Orlando to L.A. in order to ride the PCH. Gas prices here were about $1.45/gal at the time. Prices got steadily worse the farther west we drove. L.A was in the $1.70 range and S.F was $2.00/gal. That was all for the cheapest (87 octane) unleaded. It was a 6000 mile round trip at 15 mpg--uggh!

The cost of living in Cali made me appreciate the low prices in FL. Right now, I'm paying about $1.60/gal for 93 octane unleaded.



I think the last time I filled my truck it cost about a $1.95 a gallon for diesel. Luckily I have a company vehicle so I don't have to fill it up very often. My wife's car has an insatiable thirst!!! Are you going to do the Reno 200 or the Sheetiron? About my bike, Monty's friend said my clutch basket broke. Hopefully that's all. I should know in few days time.


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You mean you guys are still paying for gas? I just "barrow" it from the little old lady down the street, heck she only goes to the gorcery store on sunday and to church, she does not need a full tank anways, haha, Im just kidding im not the bad of a person. Last time I filled up, it was $1.67 for 87 Octane, and I live in Louisville, Colorado.

61.5 Cents per litre X 4 litres in a gallon

Approx $2.46 per Gallon here in Calgary Canada

Just went from $1.33 to $1.49/gal here in New Hampshuh.

1.70 93 octane


Anja & I are signed up for the Reno200. I'm trying to talk her into the SheetIron300 - don't know how succesful I'll be.

Is your bike going to be ready for the 21st?

Diesel is running ~$1.70 & 92 octane is ~$2.00.


approx $1.80/gal for premium unleaded in the Phoenix, AZ area

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