Guys, please give me your honest opinion. A race has been set up between me and a guy in my neighborhood who has been talking a lot of smack about his YZ426 saying it will beat the hell out of my bike on the track. Now I'm not gonna argue there cause YZ426's are incredible machines at the track and an extreme force to reckon with off the track and on fireroads also. However, he said that him on his Bone Stock yz426 would kill me in a perfectly straight line race that is about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile long(creek side where the race is set up, i know its dangerous but still). I have an XR650R with a HRC power up kit. I'm wondering if any of yall have raced one before strightup and how yall did against it honestly. Please no specultaions as to what you could do against one but what actually happend in a race. I know yalls bikes are truly awesome but i need to know what one would do against an XR650r with a race kit in a long straight line only. I know they would kick my butt on a track left and right :)


Aaron Z

2000XR650R w/HRC Power Up Kit

"Whose your favorite Little Rascal..........Spanky?"


First, if it not 100% safe do not race him. Second, it will all depend on the gearing. I think the stock XR650R is geared taller than the YZ so you should win a top end race.

On my 95 CR250 I was riding with a guy that had a DR650 dual sport. Well I destroyed him off the line. But, he ran me down in about a 1/4 mile. 75 mph vs 100+ mph.

So, tell your freind to chill and if he wants to drag race get a Camaro.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

A friend of mine from Phoenix races Baja and the occasional Whiplash event on a slightly modified XR 650 (?? pipe and Mikuni pumper). BUT, my bike isn’t stock either, it is an ’00 426 with a 97 mm, 13.5:1 (444 cc) Wiseco and a PC T4 pipe. IMO it has quite a bit more ooomph than a stock 426.

We both had (basically) stock gearing at the time and I destroyed him in a short race, I was already in fourth and he had just gotten third (I’m guessing he started in first, I used second). But this was in a sand wash. We weigh about the same but I think the heavier XR is at a disadvantage off the line, especially in deep sand. Then we did a much longer one on some hard dirt and he caught me right when I hit fifth gear and went by me like I was on the brakes.

Go ahead and race him, I don’t think he stands a chance in anything over 1/8 mile. In such a long race as you are planning even you will top out very early. Just race him until this happens and then shut down (the race is over) and get out of the way, no sense in killing yourself or abusing your bike over a match race.

As forloop said I think w/ stock gearing you have at least a 10 mph advantage, maybe more if your buddy has geared down for moto.

My opinion may seem biased to the Yamaha machine, afterall, that's what I ride however, I drag raced an 00' XR600 with my '00 YZ426 and completely blew his doors off. This was in approx. 1/2 mile.

Now I'm not completely sure how fast the XR650 is compared to the XR600 but unless it puts the XR600 to shame, you may want to reconsider this challenge. The XR650 should smoke any YZ426's top speed so if you're going to beat one you better concentrate on the top speed.


Just my 2cents :)



I cant tell him to get a Camaro, he already has two vipers, a 2000C5, two Racing300zx's i think, an AC427Cobra, a white 98 Z28 and numerous other vehicles including a Ferrari of some year I dont know, hehe, and thats just the cars i have seen in his garage and talked about :)....he is approx 35-40 and a doctor with his own practice...he is LOADED, I just dont think that my measley modded Trans Am would do much against any of his cars!!!!!!!! I met him riding one day and he is a cool guy, just a difference of opinions about the bikes, hehe. We'll i know he will get off the line hard cause he motocrosses a lot so i guess ill have to practice that before i actually race him...thanx everybody for the information, i appreciate it.


Aaron Z

2000XR650R w/HRC Power Up Kit

"Whose your favorite Little Rascal..........Spanky?"

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