Online trail maps?

I am looking to explore some new territory. Does anyone know of some good sites that have trail maps or information on great places to ride? If so could you provide the links?

Thanks in advance :)


Can a Blu rider lurk here. Just trying to figure out why my XR toting co-workers won't ride with us WR/YZ guys, you guys must be some kind of cult?

Anyway what's a "new" area? has some maps & info on riding Utah. I've been riding up AF canyon on the single tracks & have had a hoot.

Just trying to figure out why my XR toting co-workers won't ride with us WR/YZ guys, you guys must be some kind of cult?

Do ya smell bad? Any embarrassing personal problems? (I won’t mention mine) I can’t think of any other reason why XR riders would separate themselves from you WR/YZ riders? If there is a cult no one told me about it. I'm not into dancing naked around fires but I'll bring a 6-pack if ya'll let me in.

I'll ride with ya, you just gotta come to TN/AL, or if I make it to Utah. I'm sure I could learn some good points from blue riders as well.

Wakin, thanks for stopping by. Your always welcome.


Almost every time I ride, it's in the company of "Blue". Most of the guys I ride with are red or blue, even my own son has gone over to the blue side...curse him!

My 16 yr old rides a 96' YZ125 with stock gearing, and thinks it's the fastest bike around. I finally thru his 160 lb butt on my BRP...."dad this things kind of scary, it's heavy, and goes way too fast..."

When I'm not riding I'm wakebording/skiing on scum infested Utah Lake. Maybe the stench is staying with me? I think it's the nature of these guys to be flakes & XR's are just a coincidence? They see the pictures & hear the stories & get amped to ride, but guess who's a no-show everytime.

I may even convert when Honda makes the CRF450X!

Thanks for the welcome. If anyone makes it to Utah I'd be glad to ride w/ya.

Hey Wakin,

Thanks for the link. I live in Utah County and this is just what I was looking for. I love to ride up AF Canyon but the @#$#@# are closing down 80% of the trails I hear.

Have you been on the trails listed on the site you provided? I ride with my brother and nephew who both ride Blue. Lets go riding sometime!



redmanrandyed, I'd love to hook up & ride. Where do you live? I'm in Pleasant Grove so it's a short run for me to get up there. Most of our rides have been 6:00am so we can get to work at a decent time.

We mostly ride the ridge trail which I think will stay open? Technically some of the trails are closed now but they aren't enforcing it until they are marked which could be Spring.

Shoot me an email & maybe we can put something together. I've got some digi pics of some of the trails to give you an idea of the terrain.

RED - around a 6-9 of us from Utah ride most weekends (saturday mornings). We've done Stansbury, Hobble Creek, South Fork, Cherry Creek... you get the picture. This weekend some of us will be riding the USRA race in Eureka (see And the next ride after that is schedule on Aug 23rd at Hobble Creek. We post an invite on Mon/Tues for that saturday in the WR450 forum. If you'd like to join us, watch for the posting in a couple weeks.

Sweet!!! I will check the posting for the next ride.


RED :)

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