2006 wr450 odometer question

Will the odometer on a 2006 wr450 reset if you change out the battery? Sorry for the newb question, its my first Yamaha.

Nop, the digital odo will save the data!

Just the clock will be reset, but you can readjust it easily :thumbsup:

Thanks schattat. I just picked up a wr with 800 miles on it then. Guy I bought from was not a bike guy and didnt sound too sure.

How do you get to the odometer that shows the total miles on the bike? My guage only shows a Trip-A and Trip-B when I press the SLCT2 button. The manual shows the SLCT2 button toggles Odometer > Trip-A > Trip-B > and back again.

There is no non-resetable odometer on the stock unit, only trip A and B. Pick up an hour meter if you want to keep track of total usage. Tracking time is more a more accurate measure of use than distance on an off-road vehicle anyways.

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