2006 YZ450 muffler question

Just had my muffler on my 06' YZ450F get crushed during a crash at an amateur arenacross race and was looking on-line for a new stock muffler. Was wondering if the muffler off of a 06' YZ250F would bolt up, and if it would cause any issues in the running of the bike?

If it would fit, it wouldn't be a good pipe to run. If you compare the inner diameter of the 250f's pipe to the 450's you'll see that there's quite a difference, which would make it a lot more restrictive and would mean you'd lose a lot of power. I wouldn't do it... just my $0.02

Yes it will bolt up, but it will not perform very well.

Thanks for the input. I'll just have to see if I can find the right one for the bike.

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