YZF 426 fly-wheel weights?

I was told that putting on a fly-wheel weight does wonders. What kinda wonders? For a "expert" level mx'r? How many grams? Anybody have any advice they could share with me?

A 10oz. flywheel weight will definitely help if your stalling your bike in a turn. It is great if the tracks are tight or if you trail ride.

Ty Davis recomends 10oz. for alround use. Some people use 8oz., some use 120z. But I've found 10oz. works for me.

Ditto... It also smooths out the power. Makes it more tractable.

I have the WB 8oz on my 426 and it works great. Maybe a bit too much if the track is real tacky or SX but overall it mellows out the beast and definitely helps on slick tracks and the occasional trail ride.

How much do fly wheel weights cost & how do you mount them? Are some bolt on vs. weld on? I'm mechanically inclined enough to do just about anything but split the case on the Big Boy.

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I finally broke down and ordered a Ty Davis 10 oz. It is bolt on and even comes with a drill bit and tap. Once you drill and tap your flywheel you can swap heavier or lighter weights using the same holes. Avail. Weights are 8, 10 & 12.

White Bro.s also offers a weight, I think it is a weld on because you have to send them your flywheel or pay $100 core charge (for a total of like $190).

I think the Davis kit was around a hundred bucks. Why is everything dirt-bike related so expensive? I’m in the wrong business…

I talked to Thumper Racing about the flywheel weights and they said the crank on the YZ is not beefy enough for the 12 oz. I have the Terrycable 10 oz. and it is great in the woods.

I have to disagree with Thumper Racing on this one. I know I'm just little nobody consumer, but I've been running the Terrycable 14oz flywheel on my '00 426 for about 1.5 years now and have not had any problems. I primarily race 2+hr harescrambles, some MX, and even an occasional AX. Not only worked well in all, but actually helped with putting power to the ground.

A friend with a stock '00 rode my bike and could not tell there was a weight on there until I told him. After that he took it out again and still could not tell the difference in power delivery except to say my bike felt 10lbs lighter, but that could be the suspension.


John E. Walker


I would like to try the Ty Davis flywheel weight for my YZ400. Does anyone know where they can be ordered? Thanks

Click the GO button next to racing products. The weight is just below the really cool drink system.



Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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