Engine hours differ????


when i bought my 450f i had a yamaha engine hour monitor connected. currently it is on 39.4hrs. However, today i connected my Power Tuner and it said my hours were 33.09??

Now i know you can reset your engine hours with the tuner but i never have.

So which is the correct reading, the after market hour meter or the ECU hour reading?? because 6hrs is quite a difference.


I dont think it matters if they match, but I would trust the ecu hours most.

You see that a lot in automotive too, where the ecu mileage doesn't match the odometer exactly.

Mine was a little off also cause Mine had been started and ran for few times by my buddy who owned the dealership. when i put my outside hour meter on it was off like a couple of hours do to where i ran the bike awhile before I put the meter on.

Sounds like someone reset the ECU hours. You can do this from the power tuner btw, the option for it is on the same screen

i noticed this on mine too and thought it might have had something to do with the external hour meter still picking up charge from the capacitor, but im not electrician or anything so im not sure

Or you have the ignition button 'on' for 6.31 hours, without the engine running.

:excuseme:Cheers guys. Just thought it was a little strange was all. Especially for resale value if the external meter said 80hrs or so when it only has 68ish..... although, my meter is 'on' all the time whereas my mates is only on when he starts the bike which we thought was strange too :thumbsup:

Or you have the ignition button 'on' for 6.31 hours, without the engine running.

How do you turn the ignition button on and off?

You don't.

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