help broke case

well first raace was today and 15 min in to practice chain broke and rubed a hole in the case what can i do

If the hole is small enough, JB weld will work.

If you can, post a pic of the hole, we can tell you if it is repairable or not, and possibly give you more info on how to go about fixing it.

What bike?

its a 01 yz426 and i found a guy local that can tig weld it while on the bike:banana:

If the hole in the case pumps out oil under pressure with the engine running, you have to be careful in repairing it, because that means it's broken into the oil feed to the trans shafts, and you don't want to close that off.

its rite where the cluch cable is. it in rhe part where the rod that the cable hooks too you know where its round its rite ther in front of the sprocket

That's the area where the passageway is. If it's not done right, there will be trouble.

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