Newbie YZ426F Question


I am debating if I should purchase a 2000 YZ426F from a local guy that I do not know. The bike seems to be in good shape overall and runs with no odd noises. It has some upgrades and must have a different cam as there is no compression release lever and he just kicked it over like a 2-stroke. Years ago, I raced in the 250 class with 2-strokes, but have never owned a 4 stroke dirtbike. He will take $1350 for it. Does this seem like a reasonable deal? Is there anything I should be looking out for?

Thanks for any help.


I had 1981& a 1994 yz 250 a few years ago i got 2000, 426 for $ 3500 . Im very happy

with the 4 stroke , i use for desert and sand dunes. Only thing i have done is new chain, sprockets and had the forks rebuilt.

it is a good bike with alot of power and torque. its at a good price especially if it has the autodecomp cams, but you might as well try talking the price down

Seems like a fair deal if the bike is in decent shape. It's tough to know the internal condition, but if it starts easily and rides fine and it looks good on a once over, then $1300 seems like a decent deal. It's hard to know until you check it out more thoroughly.

I paid that for mine a year and a half or so ago (2001), and it has been a great bike for me.

i have 2 of the verry strong bike bot on thaat modle make shure the cluch has been moded to an 01 or 02 the way to tell is if its real jerky or grabs funky it wont be smooth that is the only real issue with them

Thank you for the replies. I ended up buying the YZ and am looking forward to warmer weather in MA.

I paid $1200 for a 2001, stock and in.... good condition. subframe is tweaked to the right (funny how, when asked, the PO says it was never crashed...hahahaha, but still worth it). but that was 2 years ago and still running strong with regular maintenance and only bearing/seal replacement.

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