I tried to ride a 01 YZ250


That was a shock! I have been a 2 stroke person all my life, until feb when I got my 426. I thought I would just jump on and go to town.

No way, I am very spoiled now. My clutch hand no longer has the endurance. I miss my compression braking. There was no low end. Ok the bike did feel smaller and it jumped nice.

It felt like I was riding a giant chain saw. I am fully converted now. There is no way I will go back.

My buddy who is just getting back into dirt bikes, got off my bike and said man that is smooth.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

No kidding, every time I get back on my old KX250 I feel like a spaz, overshooting every corner. Fortunately, I have a buyer for it who will take it off my hands before I kill myself on it. Nothing but thumpers for me from now on. I just hope the YZ426 gets lighter.


I could have used a lighter bike when I slide the front end out and got my leg trapped under the 426. I now have a nice bruise on the side of my knee.

I will be resting a few days now.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Man, sorry to hear about that leg. Sorry about not comng back that day to ask you to ride. About 30 min after we left your place, my friend got thrown off and broke his collar bone. REALLY SUCKED, he was in A LOT of pain, hehe. He managed to ride the 4-wheeler to the Blazer then took him to the hospitol. I plan on going to Shiloh Ridge soon. If you want to go, Email me and we'll hook up and go. L8r


Aaron Z

2000XR650R w/HRC Power Up Kit

"Whose your favorite Little Rascal..........Spanky?"

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