Has anyone plated a WR450 in VA recently?

Has anyone plated a WR450 in Virginia recently(within last year?) I have found a lot of older post on this subject but nothing recent. Some say it can't be done anymore, some say it can and I can't seem to get a straight answer from the DMV. If you've done it recently, please share your experience! Thanks.

Bought my 2006 last year, came from Michigan with a street title. No problems at DMV to get plates in SW VA. Not sure about plating one from scratch. I think everything's a little more laid back in this part of VA, may be stricter on the coast or in the north.

I bought an 03 about a month ago. It was built as a supermoto but I got all the original parts with it which I put back on. It still needed a few things like a mirror, license plate light, speedo and DOT dirt tires. The VA title says "motor bike" instead of "motorcycle" and says it's exempt on the mileage, but it doesn't say "Off Road Only" or OHV anywhere on the title. The previous owner gave the reconstructed title forms and a form for a new VIN number he was going to use, but I've read that VA will not issue titles on dirt bikes converted to dual sports anymore. I live in Roanoke so I'm going to go to a rural DMV nereby, take my title, the bill of sale and the inspection pink slip and see what happens! Wish me luck I think I'm going to need it!

Thanks! Very informative link...read all 8 pages and was feeling pretty good. Then the last post on the last page from April 2010 stated:

Update: got a call from the Richmond branding office today to clear up the process and what you need to send them. The nice lady explained that since January they no longer allow the "reconstructed or specially constructed vehicle" process to add street legal stuff to your dirt bike and title and register it as street legal. Truely awesome - now it's back to doing it the wrong way trying to slip it by the DMV or using a titling service...

Now I'm totally bummed! Sounds like unless I luck into a cluless DMV teller somewhere I'm out of luck here in Virginia. Guess my next move we be to get it titled in another state and bring it back here...

Go to a rural DMV. Bring your MSO. Tell them you need plates. Do not talk. Pay, pick up the plates and street title and walk out. Think farm equipment.

I agree with William1. I have KTM xc300 two stroke with plates in VA. It can be done.


(And I also have a wr450 as my older bike.)

I"ll try it! What do I have to lose!

Would it matter that I have a VA Motorbike(not motorcycle) title instead of a MSO? My title does not say "Offroad Use Only" but, I've heard the word "motorbike" on the title throws up flags...

Depends on the DMV you go to.

I walked into a dual dmv for my 250 they changed it to motorcycle iwalked out with plates and registration. That was in glouchester vs

I’m wanting to purchase a WR450 here in VA for the purpose of dual sport but I don’t want to get stuck with a WR and not registered for street .

Has anyone recently had any luck getting these plated in VA?

Am I correct in thinking if I were to purchase a plated WR out of state that it would make it easy to plate in state?  

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