Need to hear to ride?

Two weeks ago I woke up and could not hear a thing out of my right ear. Overnight. Many $$ later in dr. stuff I find that I have “sudden hearing loss”. No [@#$%&*!], but good name. Tons of drugs have not produced any results. MRI of the brain yesterday (saw a pix – there’s still stuff in there) – nothing. (PS – don’t let them put you in one of those little tunnels if you don’t have to – I like tight single track, but [@#$%&*!]---) Dr. said not a lot of hope of regaining hearing on that side.

I know there are tons of people who ride with far more limitations than this. However, I am new to this and looking for pointers. This isn’t a self-help group, but you guys can relate to this while my (non-riding) friends think riding should be the least important of my concerns (how little do they know) - & I need some advice.

OK, the hearing may be history. But I haven’t ridden since this happened (I usually ride 1 – 3 days a week). What’s happening is this; my balance is fine, I hear some strange noises in that ear, but nothing you wouldn’t expect with a severe cold plugged ear. But I don’t feel 100%. If I am sick (hung-over) and feel somewhat this way I usually don’t ride ‘cause I know I won’t be fast, safe, having fun – whatever – I never thought about it. I ride hard and if I don’t feel like I can ride hard I just don’t ride. I never thought about it, I just didn’t want to ride because somewhere in my subconscious I knew I wasn’t going to be at the top of my abilities. Pushing my limits is where I need to ride to have fun. It’s where I have fun.

Now, with part of one of my senses on the blink I do not feel I am aware enough to ride the way I always have. I know that sound is probably the least important sense to riding, but I still feel less than 100%, which makes me feel like I can’t ride 100% - which is the only way I enjoy it (at least the only way I have enjoyed it).

Any thoughts on how to get the desire to ride back in my system? Is it like a vasectomy – just wait a bit and jump back on? Am I going to have to follow the 4 wheelers & enjoy the view? Do I need a 250? Electric start won’t help ‘cause I won’t know when to let off the button.

Side note: Spent 2 years getting the sucker low enough that I could touch the ground. Seat shaved, forks lowered in the clamps, sub-frame notched, etc. My feet were just millimeters away. Getting REAL close. Put a new rear tire on and now I can’t reach the f***ing ground again! So much work for ½ inch!

Anyhow, just ventin’. I am going to make myself to ride tomorrow. Not hard if I don’t feel it, bit I think I need to get back on. But how can you ride a big 4 stroke and not ride hard?

Man, that's a tough one. What about an LED bar tach? Does the YZ have a coil? Anyway, I ride in waves. It's like everything else I do--real hard until I burn out. Then I take a break and start going real hard again.

Good Luck

Man that sux!!! Hope it comes back as quick as it left you. I would imagine that even with everything else functioning normal that you would feel out of sorts, hungover, just trying to get use to it. I think that will pass with time.

As far as riding there are lots of people out there that ride with ear plugs in so the lack of sound from your one ear would still leave you ahead of them. I would bet there are hearing impaired people that ride. If your one ear is not good enough to pick up the engine noises you would compensate with your other senses, feeling the bike stop pulling to let you know its time to shift, just a sense of speed to let you know, vibrations, ect.

Riding is a personell choice and I can't imagine the feelings your having. My suggestion would be go for a few easy rides and see how you feel. Good luck

Sorry to hear about the hearing loss :) As for riding, as long as you can hear the engine, or other riders close, you should be OK, as for not feeling 100%, normal, but you will adjust and you will ride 100% again. Its not like you lost your sight, that would be tought, selling the bike would be the only option. This can be helped with electronics. Rush Limbaugh lost hearing in both ears, with the electronic fix, he is up and running full steam.

I would think you'll get used to riding the bike by the vibration feel of the engine. You may just have to ride for a little while and work into it. I'm sure that you'll know if your bikes running from the vibes you are getting.

I wouldn't quit.

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