Paul, hows it going. The leg is fine. I did have the Lasic proceedure done a couple of weeks ago (no more contacts:cool :) and thought this down time would be a good time to take apart the WR and give it a good greasing. I also sent out my front and rear shocks for revalving and springs. I hope to get the shocks back by monday. I plan on doing the Shasta Dam race on the 22nd and would like to get a ride in before then. Are you going to race Shasta. Doug

Just read your post on stonyfort for the 21st


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Doug, glad to hear all went well with your surgery. I have to work on the 22nd so can't do Shasta. :) W and I are seriously bummed! Besides, between the rain and our work schedule lately we haven't done much riding. So Stonyford here I come! :D You know the main reason I like to race anyway is because it's the only time when I feel like I can go as fast as I can and be reasonably assured that everyone else is going in the same direction! :D Last year I had a head on at George Town. :D Fortunately, neither of us was hurt too badly(big Blue and I). :D The other guy was ok but his bike didn't fair so well. I am disappointed that I won't get to meet you and Huge. Hopefully, though we can hook up and go for a ride. Work should settle down for us after May. In the mean time I am a one day of the weekend warrior. :D

Paul thats scary. Last year my brother had a head on with an other bike at Pine Valley in San Diego. My bro and the other guy didn't get hurt to bad just a little bruised up but nothing major(Thank God for good protection).MY bros XR650 on the other hand wasn't so lucky with a taco for a front rim and two bent fork tubes. Have fun at Stonyford. Doug

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