Hello what an awesome site!! I am trying to get back into the world of dirt bikes after a five year break, so what do I do I go and buy the bad boy 426. I am not quite used to the vibration can someone give me some advise other than selling it. It fells like I am operating a 90lb jack hammer. Other then that I am having a blast on it. Oh yeah since I just moved to San Antonio from Montana anyone from texas have any good places to ride within a five hour drive.

Thanks guys

The stock bars transmit ALOT of vibration! You can switch to a pro taper style bar and this will help! You also can buy a rubber mounted triple clamp (never tried them but I heard that they work)

Also since it sounds like you are still breaking it in...the suspension is REALLY STIFF until it is cmpletely broken in (this normally takes 3 hard rides at an MX track) this could also be your vibration problem!

I live in the Houston area and there are tons of tracks around here! Im not sure how far you want to drive but if you want their phone #'s, info, etc let me know! Click HERE to goto a site for motocross tracks!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

let the 60psi of air out of your tires

<font color="navy">First, ride a Honda CR500. Then come back and tell us how surprised you are that the 426 vibrates so little. :)

You could always drop the bucks for a rubbermounted triple clamp/handle bar. I don't really think vibration is that big of an issue with the 426.

But yea, you should probably start by switching to a different set of handle bars. Usually the stockers aren't too good anyways.



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Okay, I’m ordinarily not a type A person but something about this “colored font” craze that Toxic started is bugging me.

You guys DON’T MATCH!

Garrett is using blue.

Toxic is using <font color="navy">navy.

But TTalk uses <font color="#000080">#000080


<font color=”#000080”>Okay, I feel better now… :)

Now that I look at it though Toxic it looks like #000080 and Navy may be equivalent (on my monitor anyway).

BTW Toxic makes a good point, IMO the aluminum CRs and any two-stroke open bike vibrates way more than a YZF. Check your motor mounts.

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LOL @ Hick...

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<font face="old english text mt,arial">YZ426F


<strike>2 strokes suck!!!</strike>

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I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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