2011 EFI tuner connect ??

alright so im probably an idiot ..... so when i looked where to connect the mapping tuner and tried to remove " cap " from coupler on bike ,just couldnt get it off ?? didnt wana use a tool or damage plastic or wires

So , in order to make sure can a 2010 or 2011 450 owner please explain and even better POST A PIC of where the tuner connects to the bike....and tell me how to get the coupler loose from its cap/mount


I had the same problem when i first got mine, struggled to get it off the coupler on the bike :smirk:. I would squeeze the bottom of the coupler and my mate would reach through from the bottom of the rad and pull the connector down. After doing this a few times i got a very sharp knife and shaved a tiny, tiny bit off the triangle piece of plastic that holds the connector in the coupler. It is still tight and cant fall out but it means i can squeeze it and pull at the same time without outside help.

i hope that made some sort of sense :thumbsup:

Left side (as sitting on bike) upper frame. There is a dead end electrical connection fitting that serves as a cap - really, that's all it does. As you pull on the cable connection to the cap there is a tiny tab that you lift on the cap where the "real" cable connector inserts and it will pop right out - easily. If it's hard to pull you're not getting to the lock tab correctly.

Read your tuner manual carefully. It's confusing as all hell and the tuner interface is pretty lame and unfriendly.

You are not alone my friend ! Me too spent some time wondering how to get it off !

The connection works the same on the tuner as the one on the bike.

I´m not so good at explaining stuff in english but look at these 2 pics. You need to push this small clip. You don´t need any tools...you can use your nail.:thumbsup:



Hope this help you out. Perhaps someone that handles the english language a bit better can explain more exact. :smirk:

I had the same question last year. If you search for "power tuner question" you will find some additional info.

The tab the arrow points to needs to be pulled outward rather than pushed inward. Someone on the previous thread pointed this out to me and saved me a lot of head aches.

awesome thanks soooo much to all you guys for the help

Mine was locked in very tight as well, so tight that even pushing down on the tab with a thin screw driver would not release the plug...

Once I finally got it out after about 20 minutes of cursing, I filed down the locking tab so that the plug can be pulled out easily, but does not fall out on it's own.

No more problems after that

I had a problem too, had no clue how to remove the thing, but using a small screwdriver I was able to release the tab, follow the picture and you should be ok.

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