Steering Dampeners for 01 YZ426F

Hey all!

I'm looking at making a steering dampener my next big purchase for my bike. It looks like there are far less options for the older bikes. I'm running an Applied top triple clamp and 1 1/8" Pro Taper bars, and am looking for something that I can bolt on as opposed to welding. I've only been able to find fitment from Scotts for my year. Any others you can think of? GPR didn't seem to have much available until the aluminum framed years. I did contact the TT store for a quote on the Scotts. Anyone have one gathering dust that they want to part with? :thumbsup: I like what I've read of the Scotts, but I always like to do the painstaking task of researching and comparing (even though I'm pretty sold on the Scotts). Any input appreciated!


... I'm pretty sold on the Scotts.
So am I. Scotts has both a low and high speed damping adjustment, and the range of steering sweep over which the unit is effective is also independently adjustable. The unit is extremely user serviceable, and also quite versatile insofar as its ability to be moved from one bike to the next with only mounting hardware changes. Scotts customer service is about as good as it gets, too.

The best part is that you never know it's working. In fact, it's so unobtrusive that the only way you'll really notice what it does is to ride with it for a month and then remove it one day. You'll put it back on immediately.

Just go with the Scotts.

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