Picture or 2 of my trip last spring to LBL

Ive had this stinking roll of film in the camera since last April and just got it used up (took pictures of the dogs! What else.)

Heres a couple of pictures of me when we went riding at land between the Lakes.


Now heres a picture of me railing my bike through the sand berm. Notice how close the bars are to the ground? I dont think you can get any closer than that. :D And my riding position isnt that bad either! :)


Thats serves you right hahahahhaa

Scareing all them arnimals and destryiong that area with them corked tires and the Noise Oh lordy the noise


Awesome pics

You difinitely got that thing layed out flat.

Wanted to join you guys on that ride. Looks like I missed a good day of fun. Been to LBL once, riding 4wheelers then. There is one big loop that I want to hit on the bike. I'll have to travel back down this fall.

Man, that place looks saweeet. Thanks for the second picture. Now, I don't feel so alone. :)

Man, that place looks saweeet. Thanks for the second picture. Now, I don't feel so alone. :D

You mean you can rail a berm that good too?! :D

Its really a fun place to ride. Trails are almost too wide but they just spiderweb in every direction which is kinda cool. :)

"You mean you can rail a berm that good too?! :D "

Yep! :)

were is that place located

were is that place located

Beautiful Kentucky!

The riding area is just on the Kentucky side, near the Tenn/Kent boarder.

go to www.lbl.org and check it out! :)

Let me know when you head that way again!

We're with you!

Haven't made that trip but have heard it is worth it!

I've stayed @ both lodges on the lakes but haven't had bikes with me or even checked out the riding area.

How is the riding area. It looks kind of small on the map provided by LBL. Is it really crowded? or are ther more trails then shown. Thanks and great pics. :)

Ok KentuckyWR, will do. :)


It isnt a huge riding area by any means but if you have never been there it is a nice place to go for the weekend. No real big challenges but enough to keep it fun.

It will definatly keep you entertained for a Saturday and a Sunday. Any more than that and I think one would start getting a little bored with it.

Good pic.'s. I grew up riding there when I was kid. It has really changed alot. That gravel will bring you down!

Good Job :)

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