Rear Tire Alignment

I have a question regarding aligning the rear tire after I changed out my chain and sprocket. I adjusted the chain pullers to the same mark on the puller and the frame but the tire looks like it is at an angle inside the swingarm. It is closer to the right side of the swingarm than the left. I would expect this to affect the traction and tire wear on the wheel. Any ideas on why this is or how to fix?

Be sure on the YZ's to read the marks from back to front. The left side block has a lip on the front edge that prevents the axle from turning as the nut is tightened (at least, it's supposed to be on the front of the left side, if the PO hasn't reversed it). Counting from the front back will have you off by one full mark.

Thanks, that is not in the manual. I looked this morning and it appears that counting from the back I am off by 2 full marks. It is difficult to see the marks behind the lobes on the axle. Do you think there is any problem with cutting the top down so I can see? Of course only the top, I know I need to leave the one side flat so that you can tighten the bolt on the axle.

Just count from the back to the first part of the axle (farthest towards the rear). It should be flat on that side making it easy to count to.

Using the indicated marks will get you in the ballpark, but for proper alignment you need to align the rear wheel to the front wheel. I do this visually from front to back then back to front. You can get close to perfect alignment this way.

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