PMB fastway peg install/mod

This is a recent experence I encountered with the installation of my fastway pegs on my 2007 YZ-450.

The installation of these pegs were comprised from a series of positive reviews I heard & read. I initially wanted these pegs to lower my riding profile. What I didnt hear (pre purchace) was I needed to buy the 'LOW-BOY MOUNTS'. This was after I installed them on my bike with the dowles in the lower setting, and discovered they stuck up at an un-ridable angle. The shop I bought them from later explained (post purchase) that on my year/make bike i would have to run them at the standard height, -or buy the 'LOW-BOW MOUNTS' for another $60.00. I went back and fliped them around. This allowed the pegs to sit at a more level state.

I rode on them and liked them. That day I gently laid my ride down on the right side... It wasn't untill I bit the bullet and bought the 'LOW-BOY mounts (I'll get to this later) and was installing them when I noticed there was a nice deep gash in my foot brake lever so deep it gashed the bolt too. This is a result of PMB not machining clearance out of the right peg to clear the foot brake lever like the factory ones do.

So, what you need to know first off, is if you decide to purchase these pegs, you might want to flip them back to see if they hit anything. I removed about a thumb nail's worth of metal from the right peg before it cleared the foot brake lever with about .020" of clearance.

On to the 'LOW-BOY MOUNTS'

The PMB mounts are about $60.00 new. What I discovered was that anyone with a head on there shoulders can modify the OEM ones to do the exact same thing for much cheaper! Yes you can do this!

Tools you will need:


2. drill press with slow speed range.

3. WD-40/cutting oil.

4. something to clamp the OEM pegs to the table! (very important!)

***You will need to get some flush head cap bolts of the same thread/pitch as the ones you removed. Be sure they are at least grade 8 or 10 and are completly flush on the head. Usually they will have a allan head for installation/removal.***

Once you slow your drill press down to under 1000 RPM & clamp your OEM pegs down. Start to cut on the LOWER mounting hole.

Center the counter sink in-line with the LOWER hole and spray the mount with oil. SLOWLY apply pressure & you will start to see metal shavings start to fly around.

Stop removing matal when you get to the depth

JUST BEFORE you start to counter sink past the thickness of the metal. Your new fastener's head may protrude above the surface by no more than .030". This will allow the Fastway pegs to set down with the dowel turned in the lower setting.

After you do all this and install everything. Take a look at your foot brake lever again. If the back of the peg contacts the lever you might want to consider resolving this before you lay your bike down. (I know that everyone reading this article is a much better rider than I and NEVER plans to crash...But failure to take this precaution may result in the damage/total failure of your foot brake lever.)

To do this your going to need

1. dremel/die grinder

2. 1/4" carbide bit/grinding wheel

Take your INSTALLED foot peg and rock it back untill it contacts something and remove a little material at a time untill it dosent touch anything!-Simple.

If you laid your bike down with the pegs on and damaged your foot brake lever, to avoid further damage/cracking take your 1/4" carbide bit/grinding wheel and 'burnish'/smooth out the damage untill there are no more sharp edges.

Good Luck!

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