Opened up '00 YZ426 Clutch - Im completely dumb-founded - HELP!!!


Daveyg here. You've been dealing with this clutch issue way too long my friend. Let's put an end to it. Buy new fiber plates, a hinson basket, and yamalube 4 stroke oil (petroleum based). Get a shop to do make the basket change for you, since the gear, springs, and plate need to come off the back, unless you're confident you can do it yourself. Put in your new fibers, stock steel plates, new basket, new oil, and you're good to go. Oh, if you want to do a new cable, great. Couldn't hurt. BTW, make sure you tighten the big nut to specs. Don't overtighten it. Then, fold over the washer and she won't back out on you. Good luck. E-mail me if you have questions. Adios and let me know how it goes.


holeshot- a clock lolol. I took my 426 out for the first real ride of the season this morning and it still does the scronch thing. I'm thinking it might be time for the Hinson. I rode a YZ250 before this one and I filed my basket several times before I finally sold it, but I'm like you, it would be quite a task to file the inner hub. I never had trouble with it grooving anyway. I guess my next project on this 426 will be to take it apart and check the basket and hub but it still isn't bad as long as I warm it up before I blast away. Probably 40-50 hours on it now and maybe half that on a track, but I'm a fairly conservative racer...


Originally posted by holeshot:

Clod Thrower:

So you filed all of the notches out of the inner hub? You're a lot more ambitious than most people I know. The sharp steel plates hit against the aluminum inner hub, so they notch very quickly.

I could see filing the notches out of the clutch basket (many people do). Since the softer and considerably less sharp fiber plates hit the basket tangs, I can ride for years without notching it. There were no notches in my basket, but I made a clock out of it anyway.

Stinkin' fast riders like you probably notch the basket in a matter of months, because you're throwing Great Clods of Dirt and, of course, there's hardly anyone on the Planet that can keep up with you. :)

Holeshot: Yes, I sanded the notches out of the inner hub (How would you "file" them?)& it took about an hour. Try it sometime,its not that bad.

As far as the basket mine had small notches on it but was replaced with a Performance Engineering basket.

I ride alot & yes I have my share of 1st places. I wonder how someone that takes years to notch a basket can ruin a hub in 2 weeks! :D Perhaps you are riding it like a 2-smoke. But I forget you are HOLESHOT flying far in front of me 1st out of the gate! Such perfection on clutch use could not be matched by anyone.

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i don't hang out here a lot, but i have a '99 yz400 and an '00 426, so maybe i can add something constructive. i just sold my '98 yz400. here are my clutch observations after 3 1/2 years with these machines:

- just like the cough-off-the-bottom phenomenon, clutch issues are largely connected to riding style. i rode my '98 for a year and a half before replacing the stock plates, and i only did it because they were at the bottom of the service limit. that 1.5 years was some motocross, some trail riding, but mostly cross country racing.

- when i replaced the plates in the '98, i actually took the slightly worn ones out of my '99 and used them...until i sold the bike. at that time, i put new barnett kevlar plates in the '99, which i was using for motocross at the time. that was november '99. i am about to replace the barnett plates in the '99 with stockers. everybody i talk to says they are the best, and i can't argue. the barnetts in the '99 lasted about 40 hours before it started getting hard to find neutral. when i measured them during a rebuild this winter, they were about 5 thou over the lower limit (about 75% worn). i have a juice clutch on it, and 3 horrible mud races in a row at the beginning of this year's xc season have roasted those plates.

- my 426 (about 15 hours on it) is grabby. it has the stock basket. when i start the bike, i idle for a few seconds with the clutch pulled in. sometimes i twiddle it back and forth a bit. as has been said, this gets the oil in between the plates, and helps a great deal when the motor is cold.

- my buddy has a 426...with a hinson basket. it's grabby. don't waste your money.

- several issues ago, dirt bike had a blurb about an outfit called stormin' norman's racing. he has an ingenious system that uses spring steel inserts in between the basket fingers. this gives your plates a hard, smooth surface to slide on, and notched fingers are gone forever. he will either mod your basket and provide you with inserts, or sell you a complete setup for less than a hinson. wish i had written down the number...

hope this helps...

just for reference, i am not exactly easy on bikes. i ride +30 intermediate motocross, and have been the 4 stroke expert runner up two years running in the texas cross country racing association series. sheesh...there's always somebody faster...


will pattison

racer, engineer

The Stromin Norman insert-type basket looks to be an excellent design. Once the inserts get notched, you just replace them intead of the entire basket. The steel inserts themselves might be a bit more slippery than the stock tangs and would probably last longer. Hinson as a bonafide competitor now.

Originally posted by Boit:

The Stromin Norman insert-type basket looks to be an excellent design. Once the inserts get notched, you just replace them intead of the entire basket. The steel inserts themselves might be a bit more slippery than the stock tangs and would probably last longer. Hinson as a bonafide competitor now.

Do you know if this Stormin Norman outfit has a web site? If they do can you please post the web address.

Thanks, med56

I tried to locate a web site or telephone number for you but can't seem to find it in my magazines or Cycle News. I probably skipped right over it. It wasn't listed in the ad index of any magazine. I seem to remember Norman having an ad in the Cycle News classified section. Maybe someone else can locate it for you...but, I'll keep looking.

I don't believe Stormin Norman's has a website, but their number is 724-722-3630.

that's right, he's in ruffsdale, pa. if anybody wants it, i got my buddy pat "patman" hall ( to scan the pages from dirtbike for me. it you want 'em, email me offline and i'll forward.

back to something i said earlier, about replacing my barnett plates in my '99. that was actually a PREDICTION spoken as if it had already happened. see, i had been noticing some difficulty finding neutral, and i ASSUMED the plates were getting thin because of recent mud-race abuse. however, when i actually MEASURED them, i found that all but the outside one - the one that is thicker - were well within tolerance. in fact, the tolerance band is 0.107-0.113", and these all measured 0.112-0.114!! the thicker one, however, was below tolerance by about 2 thou. i am now suspicious of my magura juice clutch, which i am generally not happy with except when i am using it. in other words, performance good, engineering bad.

another interesting thing. when i was breaking my motor down on tuesday night (to put in a new crank - see yz400 stumper thread), i sacrifced a friction and a drive plate to make a hub holder. i had an extra friction, but it was late, and i had no choice but to use one of the drive plated from that bike. anyhow, when i went to get a new one, i find that the part number is superceded and the revised version is very wierd. it's not round on the outside. it actually has a wierd shape cut into it on one side.

anybody know anything about that?


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