yz450 street legal


Is there any way to make a yz 450 street legal?

Is there any state let me do that?

I do not want a KTM so please help.:thumbsup:

If You have any idea please let me know how.



I would also like to know...

in oklahoma it's a piece of cake to make a yz450 street legal.

add a dual sport kit with switches, high/low beam, turn signals, brake lights, horn, dot tires. take receipts to the tag agency and get the title switched from off road to on road. I actually know of two plated yz450s in my area.

but, oklahoma is easy to get it done with. every state is going to be different. some may require actual inspections and other states it may be impossible entirely. You're best bet is going to be checking regional forums and see what others have done to get a plate :thumbsup:

I'm not sure about your state but, I just looked up my dmv web page(oregon.gov/ODOT) and found this:

Before you convert an off-road motorcycle to ride on the street, there are some issues you should be aware of. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has two sets of emission standards for vehicles, including motorcycles. The two standards are: 1) vehicles for street use and; 2) off-road vehicles (this includes dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, etc.). Your motorcycle must meet emission standards for street use (not off-road) before you can register it in Oregon.

There should be an emission label on your motorcycle. You will need to read the wording carefully. If it states “for off-road” or any other similar wording you will not be able to register your motorcycle. You can also check with a motorcycle dealer that sells your make and model of motorcycle. ODOT does not have this information.

First Step: Contact the manufacturer (not the local dealership) or the U.S. Distributor of the motorcycle, such as Honda or Yamaha, and find out if the engine has been certified through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to meet emission standards for street use. If the engine has not been certified for street use, you cannot make the motorcycle street legal. You cannot take your motorcycle to an Oregon DEQ testing station to get certified.

Second Step: If the engine does meet street standards, get a letter from the manufacturer stating that it does. The letter must be specific to your motorcycle and include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It needs to include any modifications to bring the motorcycle up to street standards such as lighting equipment (includes all lights, turn signals, reflectors, high/low beam indicator), speedometer, rear view mirror, rims, tires, exhaust, carburetor, etc.

Third Step: Keep all receipts for modifications. You will need the Manufacturers' Certificate of Origin (MCO), a receipt of ownership (bill of sale), and all your receipts for modifications, plus the letter mentioned above from the manufacturer. Fourth Step: Take the original letter and other documents to your local DMV field office to register the motorcycle. You may wish to call first to see if they want to visually inspect the vehicle for a vehicle identification number (VIN) at the time you register the vehicle.

It should be not too difficult. I've seen CRF450R's made street legal and a new KTM 400 xc-w.

Depends on the state (not withstanding the physical improbability of putting lights on a YZ450). In California, it's 100% impossible.

Depends on the state (not withstanding the physical improbability of putting lights on a YZ450). In California, it's 100% impossible.

^Right! I'm only 1.5hrs from north-cal. So it will be difficult for me in Oregon :thumbsup:

Thanks! KGSloan . Im in florida , here we have no chance to do that but maybe I just take my bike up there to do it.

Thanks! Levi_M Good info I will do that.

Impossible in Wisconsin without doing some illegal ID tampering.

kansas is simple, just like OK. lights/tires/horn and title goes from offroad to street.

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