06 to 08 frame swap

I have one and I'm doing it, my 06 yz450 has few hours with 22's up front and w/fresh suspension tuned for me. I love this bike, but have the itch for just a little more in the handling dept. I know the hoops I'm going to have to jump through to change frames with the vin# run around and Oregon's DMV, but other than the steering stem, is the 08 shock a different length than my 06?

Thanks for your responce!

Well, it will be interesting to see what you think when you're done. The '08 is often referred to as a "turning point" as far as the Gen2 YZ450's go in the handling department, but the specs show little or no difference in any obvious way. Some of the steering geometry differences have been attributed to a change in the location of the front axle, and since you don't have '08 forks... But, you have 22 mm clamps, so that's kind of moot.

The stem difference is only 5mm, and some here have already moved the earlier clamps to the later frame without bothering to change the stem. You end up with 5mm of exposed thread, and that's hardly a big deal. As far as I can recall right now, I don't think there's a difference in shock length.

Thanks Grey, it's all going together great - no issues. I did picked up the lower bracket and stem with the frame, that's getting pressed today. Should have it on the trail late in the week, so we'll see how she works on my loop. Haven't moto'd since late fall but doupt I'll have much of an opinion until I get back on the track for a week or two and get most of my track speed back. I gotta believe I'll recapture most of the upgrade cost by selling the 06's - no damage from chain slap, or flatten tubes. I'm guessing it could be pretty easy for hard off-road thrashers to wreck that soft metal. Also not sure if I'll own an 08 or 06 with that new Vin #?? :thumbsup:

I AM guessing it will turn at least as good as:smirk: Chad's Honda.

I have an 06 and my friend has an 08, sure would like my turning to be more like that. Did your swap have noticeable improvement?

Pretty sure they lengthened the shock in '07...if I recall it was either 2mm or 5mm.

This is an old thread. I'm guessing it did not turn out well or he had some problems since there was no update....Well OP how did it go?

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