James Dean is my hero

Me and my WR have been at odds lately. I wanted it to run good; it did not. I bought the James Dean jetting kit after reading a few posts here. It took me 20 minutes at the most to put in. First kick and it started...and it sounded mean. I did not have to make one adjustment to the fuel screw (1 1/4, baby!!). Now my WR and I are at odds again; it wants to pull wheelies in third gear and knock me off; I of course do not appreciate that.

Thank you to everyone on this forum. I have received a ton of invaluable information. And thanks especially to James Dean who made my "dirt life" so much more pleasurable.


Congrats!!! You're in good hands with James... My father just purchased the kit from him and can't wait to put it in.... :)

I was about ready to set my '00 426 on fire and watch it burn when I found this place and JD's generosity with his jetting experience.

Life is too short to ride a poorly jetted four stroke.


Thanks for taking the time to share your results!

I appreciate it greatly.


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