2010/2011 450

Thinking about changing brands. I have a 09 kx450 and like it but.... I had a 06 yz450 and liked it better. So how do people like their new YZF and have you ridden both brands?


There are at least three threads floating in the forum on that very topic, including one with responses from KXF owners. Try the advanced search.

good enough

Rode my friends 2009 kx450 w/ pc pipe. Seemed like a good bike. I have a 2010 yamaha and liked it better though, mainly for the suspension. I know mags rave about the kawi engine, but my yamaha with a yoshimura exhaust seemingly ran just as good and this was backed up while drag racing the bikes (they were pretty much dead even). I know the new yami gets beat down on it's air filter access, but I like the filter design more as its easier to clean and oil.

I'm there with you.

I like the kawi just fine but with my old yamaha it seems that the chassis balance made suspension tuning a little easier.

yz is a step above

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