.....I ride tracks, and some open stuff like Glamis & Ocotillo from time to time. I went with one tooth up in the rear, out of the crate, which was customary on my 2 smokes. But I feel that it's under geared this way.

....I'm thinking about going 1 tooth down from stock, any opinions.


00 426 w

White bro headers

and R series.

Hmmmmm and I was going to go up 1 tooth for this weekend's AZMXOT International. Now you got me wondering. Canyon has some real tight sections along with some fast downhills and such.


I run a 15/50 set up at Ocotillo and other open desert areas. At Glamis and the tracks I run a 14/50 set up. I like just changing the front sprocket cause I think it's easier. I also don't have pull or add links to my chain. I just have to adjust the axle in the slide. If you're going to Ocotillo anytime soon post a message and maybe I'll meet up with you out there.



When in doubt, GAS IT!


It has so much torque, horsepower and revs so far that you'll hardly notice a one tooth difference.


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