um oops there goes my chain

well i looked at my rear wheel and left side under the casing and thought it was pretty dirty so i took the simple green and sprayed down everything including the chain which i got pretty good, did i make a mistake by spraying hte chain with degreaser :D.. but i did lube it after :)

I would check the seal under the front sprocket. I changed mine yesterday. There was a dripping oil coming out from it (sort of automatic chain lube). The bike was only driven about 340miles. It took about 1hr.


The Simple Green won't hurt your chain. If it is an O-Ring or X-Ring chain use a soft brush so you don't ruin the outside rubber rings. The internal lube will stay in place as long as those rings aren't compromised.

I used to use Simple Green, now I use Dawn. Dawn is cheaper and just as good for cleaning. When I am done I use a good dry chain lube. The dry chain lube will drive out the remaining water and leave a dry lubricating film behind.

Whenever I do a quick 'spray off the dust and ride' I use WD40 to drive off the remaining water.

i checked the seal that was good...then i just put wd40 on it and silkolene chain lube seems good... i just didnt want the orings to break down and mess up the chain thanks guys :):D

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