2009 WR 450, with a CA Plate. What's it worth???

It only has 25 hrs and looks new. I'm interested in it because of the License Plate. It's almost impossible to get one in CA with a plate.

It's worth the same as one without a CA plate.

Unfortunately there's no guarantee you'll be able to keep the plate.

It's worth the same as one without a CA plate.

Unfortunately there's no guarantee you'll be able to keep the plate.

Really, can you explain?

Really, can you explain?

The reason is CA stopped allowing dual sport conversions on 2/1/2004. Loop holes, yes, guaranteed, no.:thumbsup:

Around $5K. Once plated always plated.

Around $5K. Once plated always plated.

unfortunately, not exactly true, but the WR is a better bet than other "plated dirtbikes" to keep the plate

but I agree with the value

If you were the one who plated it and you keep it, the probability of it getting yanked is low (lower).

...but as I understand the history of transfering previously plated bikes, when they go to re-reg, they (Some. I'm not sure about ALL) can get yanked.

I would guess the flags in the DMV's software have been improved.

If CA were smart (and that's not going to happen anytime soon), they'd register any bike for any thing at any time. Even let me pay more. Please. I'll do it !

We just wanna be free and ride our machines and not be hassled by the man.

The absurd thing is that if it were an emissions thing you'd think we'd eliminate trucking from MX. The 20 hours I (We) ride with one (allegedly polluting cylinder) a month is a whole lot less than one truck with eight (8) cylinders all day long day-after-day.

yeah- California laws have less to do with ACTUAL emissions, and the APPEARANCE of saving the environment... If we improved flex time schedules and public transportation, and got all of the parked cars in gridlock (idling away and runing the a/c) we could make a dramatic improvement in smog

But; it's easy to go after dirt bikers

If the plate is retained I would say $5k easy...

In WA state, SB 5800 just passed out of senate and should get through the house of representatives cleanly... it will once again allow us to legally convert off road bikes. This took a lot of hard work as WA state is a close cousin to CA (a lot of you relocated here in the 90's and brought the fartsniffing, holier than thou eco freak attitude with it... present company excluded) but constant letters and convincing our law makers it was a win / win for everyone made it happen. Note: I already had a plated WR but it was done via back door methods and took more time and money than it might have been worth.

Fight the good fight!:thumbsup:

i say 500 and free shipping. ill even save you the search for a buyer. I take it.

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