Gas leaking from exhaust

Well today started pretty strange. Went to start it up to ride to work but it wouldn't turn over at all, just click. So I then took the side plastic and seat off to hook a jump box to the battery, the motor started to turn over(choke on, throttle closed) but wouldn't start up. I smelled gas and realized it was leaking from the exhaust(stock) right where theres a bolt on the bottom side right before the muffler and it leaked a pretty good bit. This left me and my friend clueless. So I went to try and crank it with the choke on and full throttle and it starts, but runs like crap and after about 10 seconds, it starts running fine, but as I was riding i could give it more than 3/4 throttle or it would die for a couple seconds then begin running normal.

can anyone shed light on what went wrong this morning?

Your fuel needle has gone bad, you left the gas on and the motor stopped where the intake valve is open. This allowed a lot of gas to pour into the cylinder which then acted like a big stop when you tried to turn the engine over. Jumping the battery allowed the starter to pull more amps and over power the hydro-lock. That then ended up in the exhaust.

Fix your float needle and seat and always remember to turn off the gas. You might want to change the oil, I bet you'll find there's a good bit of gasoline in your oil. It won't hurt anything, but it will smell for a while even when you ride it daily.

I had the float valve go bad on our DR too. Took a while to figure it out even though Eddie told me about it in the first place. (after I spent a few weeks messing with the thing)

Good luck.

+1 But I'd replace o-rings #15 and 16 first before spending the $60+ dollars for a new float and needle assembly. They are known to shrivel/shrink up and cause the exact same issues you are having. Sounds as if your petcock is also leaking by unless you left it on prime...


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well the petcock is always on "PRI", should it be? I ran out of gas last night and tried switching to reserve when I felt sputtering but it didnt do anything for me.

BTW- I ran out of gas becuase my speedo cable tore and quit working last sunday, I just installed one from procycle and its not working either. not sure why, Im pretty sure I hooked it up correctly. also the bike started just fine a couple minutes ago and seemed to ride just fine

thanks for the insight guys.

well the petcock is always on "PRI", should it be?

Hey Stoutamach1, no, the petcock should only be in the "on" or "res" position most/all the time. I believe the only time "pri" should be used is when your carb bowl has gone dry for whatever reason. On "pri", fuel is allowed to flow directly into the carb bowl. It just lets fuel flow. In the "on" or "res", no fuel should flow unless starting or running the engine. It takes engine vaccuum to pull fuel through the petcock in either "on" or "res". Hope that helps!:thumbsup:


Whoops! Sorry, forgot to look if this was a 650. But yes, vacuum petcocks should be "on" unless you drain the carb bowl for some reason.

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