Desert worthy Pirellis?????

I have an 08 YZ450F mainly stock. I am looking for a desert friendly Pirelli. My dad can get them through work at dealer cost so Id like to find a Pirelli that can hold up in the desert. lots of riding in Barstow/Stoddard area as well as Parker, Az.

Ive heard the MX Extra is good just wondering if anyone has any experience.

The scorpion Extra MX tire is very good. After a few rides in the bush, a hare scramble, and some trips to the local gravel pit this tire has shown to be incredibly durable. I've messed around with Bridgestone and Michelins and I perfer this tire over them.

I used the Scorpion MX Mid Hard 454 for almost a whole season on my YZ 250 and it held up very well in the desert. Great tire.

whatever you do dont get the scorpion mx mid soft.....all my knobs ripped off in 2 rides. It was a deal "free" but Id never ride it again out there, scary as hell....

Bought my bike with Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra's on it, F and R. I am still running them both. I only get to ride 6 or 8 times a year. but they seem tough. Rocks, mud, sand. Mostly Rocks. It's almost time to reverse the rear tire. (mid-hard)

Thanks guys I Ordered up a front and rear MX eXTra today. Well see how it goes.

I got my Pirelli MX eXTra's on and took them out last week. Put 60 hard miles on them and didnt even seem to phase it. looks like its going to wear really well. It had great grip in hard pack, mud, sand and gravel didnt really feel like i was going to wash out with them. Did a big loop in barstow area with them saturday.

I would suggest them to anyone riding desert. I also hit the track last week and left them on to see what happens. Did well but had to air down a little more than usual with how wet the track was. all in all great tire highly comparable to an MX51 which is what I had on before. I think this tire has a little more grip imo

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