Cam timing with pics

Bike: 02 wr426 as my name would suggest haha

Well I was pretty sure I had my cam timing right, but after looking at it again for the upteenth time lately it got me thinking. The intake seems it may be a tooth off. I did move it one tooth before and then the right mark is higher than the left mark, opposite of now but not as much of a difference in height as now. I did not run the bike the other way, only as pictured and have been having issues. 13 pins between top marks right now, how many should there be?

Should it be rotated one tooth you think? Intake is stock, Exhaust is Hotcam, timing chain is new and nice and tight, tensioner tests good.



i was under the impression wr timing was 13 pins and yz timing was 12

i could be WAY WAY WAY mislead.



maybe try rolling the ex cam back a tooth so the lobe points to 1 o'clock

It looks correct as long as the flywheel timing marks are correct.

@Shelbyguy - yes you are correct for stock cams. My exhaust cam is a Hotcam so it has to be set with the punch marks which ends up being 13 pins or the auto decomp. will not work properly.

@Sacfelix - yep the I timing mark is lined up in the pic. Thank you I think it is ok afterall.

Probably better to have the 3 oclock mark line up than the 9 oclock mark on the intake. If I move it a tooth the 9 oclock will be lined up with the head surface. So I will leave it as is.

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