Vp sef 94?

Wondering if anyone has tried this fuel... They market it as a small engine/emergency equipment ethanol fuel solution....while I know it's not an Oxygenated "race fuel"....I thought that maybe the bike might run better without the ethanol....not to mention not gumming up like pump gas and the oxygenated race fuels

Search around and find which gas stations dont use ethonal in their premium gas. Theres 3 gas staions in my town the sell 100% pure gasoline 91 octane.

I did and all the stations within 40 miles don't....aside from a marina and they sell only 87 and it's over $5 a gallon... Or airports and av gas which I don't want

Bummer. I would try VP U4.4. Thats what alot of guys recomend and i havent heard anything bad about it.

I really don't want or need race gas "performance" or having to drain the tank after riding I just don't want the ethanol issues...around me 4.4 is $75 for 5gal pail.. And the sef 94 is $40....but it says "small engine fuel".. Lawn mowers, chain saws, weed wackers etc... Nothing about motorcycles... So I figured I'd ask

Here's a list of all their fuels that are meant for motorcycles.

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