rear shock adjustments

Greetings tt'ers!

I cant seem to find my owners manual for my '03 wr450. This is a problem because i'd like to adjust the rear shock settings a bit before a ride tomorrow, and dont know which adjuster is which. Can anyone either by photo or description tell me which is which? Thanks in advance!




I am just now learning what all those little screws do. The one above the canister is the compression and the one under the shock is the rebound. Apparently sag and proper springs are the most important parts of a well tuned suspension. Have you rated these? If not, talk to your dealer.


Did you check the suspension forum ?

I bet you will find all the infos you need :)

aye, things are pretty well sorted but the bike seems to want to pogo me off. Hoping a click more on the rebound damping will settle it. Thanks for the tips!



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