Quieting a YZ pipe on a wr 426 ?

Now that I've installed the YZ pipe on my wr, and the jetting seems to be right on.

My next move is to bring down the noise level, without of course diminishing the fun factor !

There are a lot of means available. I have access to a machine shop with welding equipement. So if any of you out there made up your own mod to the YZ pipe and would like to share your work, please do.


You have now entered the circle! :),i have been trying out a disc system that i can change using a disc with defferent size holes drilled in it,and have found that it does damp the noise but will also damp the power,turning the outlet down to the ground will damp the noise better with less exhaust flow restriction,maybe you could try making your own and see what you think? :D

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