Oil filters

Can any one suggest who makes high quality re usable oil filters for the YZ426F

The stock OEM filters are reusable. Clean with contact cleaner, inspect, and put back in. Keep a spare on hand in case you need it.

70 bucks US .. I think i'll keep using the factory filter :)

Yup, they are high in price, but I have one on my soon to sell XR650R, VERY well made. Once I get the YZFer, will most likely get one for it too.

I recommend the Scott's as well. Not only does it filter at a lower micron to protect your engine, it's the last filter you'll ever need. It pays for itself in about 9 months...or less.

I just purchased the reuseable filter yesterday from Thumper Racing --- $65.00

800-259-5186..........They do flow better than stock & are easier to clean.

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