2010 YZ450F fenders!

I have a 2006 WR450F with a stock front fender and a 2005 YZ450F rear fender. Will Graphics made for the 2010 YZ450F fit on those front and rear fenders?

or how about will the 2010 fenders fit on the bike? i would really like to know this. i am buying an '05. would love to add the '07 wr headlight, the '10 yz front fender, and either the '07 wr rear fender or the '10 yz rear fender. will any of those plastics fit the '03-'06 wr450 bikes? hoping at least the front yz fender?

Are the graphics listed to fit thr 06-10 YZ? Then no. Do the front fenders have tge same part number for the 05 WR and the 10 YZ? Then no again.

However we are talking stickers here which can be somewhat trimmed if the general shape is close. Go to your local aftermarket parts store, buy a '10 fender, take it home and compare, then return it. That'll tell you for sure.

As far as putting newer plastic on an 05, search is your friend, my friend. 07 headlight will go but you need a bracket I think (been covered a shit-ton of times), 10 YZ rear fender no because the airbox is not under the seat like a "normal" bike, but the front may fit with a little work as those mounts usually don't change. Again, go to a local parts store and compare: when I had my 00 CR250 I put an 02 up front fender on as tge mounted up identical but it would rub a little so I trimmed an 1/8" off it and it was fine.

Don't be afraid to do a little work and find out for yourself.

You kids may not know what it looks like, but I would love to find a fresh blue Preston Petty Tony D front fender for my WR

A fresh blue Preston Petty fender. Uh huh... Riiiiggghhhttttt....

Who you callin a kid Willis ? :thumbsup:

The fenders are different.

However, you can put the new style YZ front fender on with just a little mod in the holes.

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