'03 Starter Gear on '04 Crankshaft???

I'll be installing a new crankshaft in my '03 WR and I'm planning on going with Hotrods, but they're only available for '04+. I know the new crank will fit and that I'll have to use an 04-06 flywheel. I also know the starter clutch is the same, but I'm not sure about the starter gear. The 03 and 04 have different part #'s and the 04 doesn't have a washer. The 03 gear has four grooves in the surface where it meets the washer and the 04 gear has none. I'm wondering if that washer has become part of the 04 gear and thus the # change or if the washer has been eliminated, as well as the four grooves in the gear, resulting in the # change? Is there any other reason the 03 gear, either with or without the washer wouldn't work? :smirk:I have found limited info on this particular subject, so if anyone in the know can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.:thumbsup:

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i was able to look up in detail and found that 04-06 crank from WISECO is the same as 03 but you can't find them listed. and diffrent part numbers thru yamaha is the case i have the same bike and went thru the same things trying to find a aftermarket crank. i'll be looking for these issues in the next few weeks on what your talking about

As far as I know, the 03 crankshaft and flywheel are different from the 04-06 parts. The tapered part of the shaft is different, hence the different flywheel. Hotrods doesn't list an 03 replacement crank, either. So it's either OEM at $400+ or 04-06 Hotrods, 04-06 flywheel and maybe an 04-06 starter gear, too.

I have not heard good things about Wiseco cranks...

Maybe I'm the guinea pig :thumbsup:

I'll find out soon enough.....

if your doing all that work to a 2003, upgrade everything to 2004-2006 parts!!!

Is there any other reason the 03 gear, either with or without the washer wouldn't work? :cheers:
OK, parts are in. The '03 starter gear bearing and washer will not fit on the '04 crankshaft, but the starter gear itself will fit, however, there is lots of space between the gear and the shaft. The '04 gear has a bushing in it and it fits the shaft with little clearance. Since the crankshaft and starter gear spin independently of each other, I would guess that you could use the '03 gear because there is no need for it to contact the shaft, but the '04 gear seems to provide a bit more stability with the second point of contact.

Bottom line: I think the '03 gear without the bearing and washer would work in a pinch, but I'm glad I have the '04 gear instead.....

i have found that the wiseco kit won't work even though many sites say it will great mistake on my part. the question i have will the 03 cases still have room with the diffrent crank only asking because it's a diffrent part number and that could be color or something of that nature just wondering

Well, I haven't finished aquiring all the parts I need for the rebuild, but everything I have read says you can put an 04 crankshaft in 03 cases as long as you use an 04-06 flywheel and starter gear. Your only other options are to rebuild yours, buy a used or a brand new OEM 2003 crankshaft.

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