How much oil

My friend just bought a used 2000 wr400. He did not get a shop manual with it but will soon. he is in the process of changing the oil and is uncertain of how much to add. Thanks

I think a complete oil change is 1.8 liters.Without changing the filter it's 1.6.

My 426 is 1.5 qts..

The 426 wr 2002 requires 1.5 L with filter change, and 1.3 if you don't change the filter. The general specs in my shop manual refers to the 400 as well.

If you really want to make sure, put 1.3 L after an oil change and check the level, act accordingly afterward.

You should add .2 L if you are below the mark.

Don't overfill.

Go to eBay and get him a manuel. If theres not one now, you will find one soon if you keep checking.

They are a dime a dozen over there. :)

BTW: On my 99, I just put 1.6 quts in with or without a filter change. Keeps it simple.

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