Molybdenum Disuide Grease

Hey im fixing to put my motor back together and i was wondering if you really need this to put the motor back together or will something like STP oil treatment be alright?thats what we have put previous motors back together with but they were not high performance. they were in utility atvs. any help would be appreciated!

Hi, YZ450F4!!!

STP isn't what's called for in the manuals, but I've used it for an assembly type of lube on cylinders, wrist pins, various bearings (plain & roller), & things like that on big block Fords, 300 KTMs, Honda XR100s, and probably my lawn mower..... :smirk: I used it recently on my 450's cam bearings when I replaced the cam chain. No ill effects an hour or two of run time later (haven't been riding much lately due to the weather).... :thumbsup: It's always worked well for me.

About the only time I've ever used a Moly Lube was on lifters, cams, & such when the cam maker provided it..... It's actually kinda hard to find in the small town I live in....


yeah none of the local stores had it today so i used the STP oil treatment stuff i had lol.

Never use STP in any high performance engine. The moly disulfide grease will be extremely easy to find if you go by the name, "assembly lube" instead. Enigne oil will do as well in almost all cases.

I was always told never to use assembly lube with molybdenum disulfide on a motor that shares oil between the reciprocating assembly and the clutch as the moly (even in trace amounts) would contaminate the clutch plates. Lucas Oils makes an engine assembly lube without moly. I've used it on several motors with good success.

Most good modern motor oils contain more molybdenum than you would get from the proper use of a moly assembly lube, and the whole moly thing has been hyped a little way beyond hard fact and reason. When used as intended, moly assembly lubes do not pose a problem for any part of an engine, but as I say, most of the time, clean engine oil will do the job just about as well.

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