LA Enduro at Breezy Hill

:thinking:Just wondering how many TT members are going to be at the Breezy Hill Enduro Sunday 8/10?

:DShould be a good time. There are some fun trails in that area and the club does a great job with the event. Last year was a tougher race than years past. I hope this will be a little easier early in the race. Last year I was spent by the gas stop. Between the tight test sections and the heat right out of the gate my fun factor went down fast. I expect to have a better day this year. :):D

I will be there on Saturday meeting up with some friends from Smackover Motorsports. I will not be racing though. Had some home repair issues. No money for dirt bikes this month. That sucks!

Last year was brutal. I think it was the heat more than anything, especially without a lick of breeze. This year will be more than 80 miles!!! Ouch!! :)

:thinking:Don't let the miles bother you. It shows 82 miles but after you take out the resets actual ground miles is only about 51 miles. Sounds easier already doesn't it.

What I noticed is the speed average. Starts at 20 mph then goes up to 24 mph & stays there the rest of the race. Could be some tough test sections. :)

PumpkinJockey, did you here about the proposed closing of Breezy Hill to orv use? Evidently there was a meeting last night in Lafayette about it. I am waiting on Jim Caldwell (USFS) to call me back, to tell me what is up.

:cry:I heard something about it earlier tonight. I was told it was a done deal. They are shutting it down. This sucks hard! We are quickly running out of places to ride. Forrest Hill pretty much sucks now. They have very few trails that are open. Those trails are destroyed by farm equipment(4 wheelers)and if you take a wrong turn you have some Barney there to give you a high dollar ticket. :)

I went and rode at Livingston this morning and went to Breezy Hill to pick up my new Sidi's from Smackover Motorsports. I ended up joining the Breezy Hill Enduro Club and I am working a check point tomorrow. I figured I should do my part in helping them out with the race, since I ride there all the time.

I don't think it is a done deal as far as officially closing Breezy Hill down. It will take some time for the USFS to legally be able to shut down a whole section of a national forest for any reason other than the parameters that they have now. The common hope is that it is designated "2 wheel only" including mountain bikes. I am all for that option.

:) That would be cool. I hope it works out that way.

I ask a few people at the races but I got several different opinions. I don't think any of the people I spoke with knew many details. :D

where is breezy hill? close to nola? i'm looking for some good riding within an hour or two from orleans, tracks or trails

pumpkinjockey--- i noticed you have the p-38 from factory r&d -- did it make a noticeable difference, is it worth trying?


Not sure where Nola is? Breezy hill is north of alexandria.

Pretty good ride from N.O. There was talk about closing it but some friends rode there recently so it is still open.

Forest hill Is a little closer but the trails are over ridden. The four wheelers have made it so wide and rooted up it is not much fun anymore. Only have three loops open and the forest service will ticket you if you get off those trails or on any road.

Fort polk is a little better. It is near derrider. The next enduro is at fort polk on 4/18.

As for the p-38. :) Honestly I am not sure if it did any good. I put it on one ride after I jetted the bike. JD jetting made a pretty big difference but didn't notice any change after adding the p-38. I did feel a pretty good improvement in low end power and throttle response when I put on the power now. Doesn't help at higher revs so I wouldn't recommend it for motocross but riding a gear tall in the woods it helps.


thanx , i'm not sure if i'm gonna drop the cash on the experiment yet. right now the bike hits pretty hard but, you always wonder if there is something better. nola is new orleans la. i might try some enduro stuff soon but, think i'm gonna check the begginer class at some of the tracks around here first.

I will probably be at kentwood saturday 4/10 for practice day.

There is some kind of race series going on. Saturday they will be racing at holeshot in loranger then sunday at kentwood.

There is a site you can go to for local track info:


there is two tracks a little closer to me i might check out. one just opened called high rollers(or something like that) in darrow/ gonzales and another track called bayou land mx in thibidaux

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