Does anyone know how to pull the impeller & shaft on a '98 yz400f???

I'm stuck and need guidance on how to properly remove the water pump impeller and shaft on my 1998 yz400f. I have all new seals and will check the shaft once removed but I'm not familiar with the impeller removal. When trying to remove the impeller the motor turns over so that tells me I'm missing a step. If anyone is familiar with the '98 yz400f I could really use the help.

Doing that will damage the shaft, STOP!!

You need to remove the entire right hand side cover which houses the water pump impeller, shaft and gear. If it's like the two strokes, there should be a groove to use a 12mm wrench or what have you to hold the shaft in place. This is on the other side of the right hand case in which you can thread the impeller off of the shaft from the other side.

You really should invest in a service manual, it will save you tons of time and lots of money when you follow the procedures.

I agree with the manual part. I was just trying to knock this out over the weekend and it takes a couple of days to order and receive the manual. I used better judgement for a change and stopped. I'll swing by the shop tomorrow order a manual and purchase the additional gasket for the other cover and pick up a few tips. I appreciate the feedback.

Man, I sure appreciate it! Nice to have a local rider supporting you. It looks like I have some studying to do.


Larry RSM

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