YZ426Fer vs YZ250 two-stroker?

The YZ426Fer is about 13 bone dry weight lbs heavier than the YZ250 2-stroker. But, how's the agility and feel of the YZ426Fer compared to the YZ250? Is there a huge, or only a slight difference? I used to ride a 1989 CR250 (I'm sure it weighs more than modern 250s), going thru tight trails was easy and fun. So, I'm just trying to get an idea if the YZ426Fer will be right for me. If it's very close to a 250, then it should be just fine. If not, then I might have to reconsider then YZ250Fer Jr.


<font color="navy">Yes the 250s feel lighter and are easier to whip around than the 426. The 426 will feel better than your older CR250. The 426 handles excellent and feels light for being "big bore." There's just something about owning a YZ426F(or 400F) that makes you feel special. I guess its the power!? :)</b?



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If the 426 still feels better than my old CR250, that will be COOOOOL, because I didn't have any problems at all flicking the 250 around, hitting the turns hard, going thru tight trails, bla bla bla, but I'm 9 yrs older. Now, I have to decide if I should get the 426 now, or wait for the 2002 model by around September, where it is rumored to be a 450, maybe even a 450.01cc. But, if I get a 2001, a couple of months before the 450, then I might be able to get a good deal. Hmmmmm.

Thanks for the info :^))

For supercross style tracks I would take the YZ250 it is more flickable, lighter, and most importantly carries its weight lower you would be surprised how much that 13lbs sapps energy at full race speed. The thumper is just plain bad and worth the weight penalty in every other situation, especially when its slick. Dont rule out the YZ250F it may be exactly what your looking for. One thing I have noticed just play racing is I am faster on the 2 stroke but when I pull out the YZ426 every person on the track suddenly wants to beat the thumper, ego I guess.

Just out of curiosity, why is there pee in your pants?

Get the 426 !! My last dirt bike was a 1986 KX-250 back in 1987, Back then 4 strokes were best used for boat anchors. I just bought a used 00 YZ426 thats decked out for Enduro riding and its GREAT !! Dont be a lab rat with the 450 I doubt you will tell the difference.

Later Craig

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I just came back from the dealer and checked out the 426, man, that thing feel so much lighter than my XR650R, feels almost like a 250 2 stroker, the only thing I didn't like is the seat height, why 39.3???? I'm only 5'7" and was almost tip toeing. Besides, I'll wait for the 2002 YZ or RC 450, lighter and heopfully, at least Honda will keep the seat height at around 36.8". But, the 2001 does feel nice like an MX bike.

As a recent rider of a number of 2-stroke race bikes, and a new owner of the 01' YZ426 I would say the YZ is the ultimate all around motorcrosser/play bike. But it depends upon what you want to do. Compared to the 2-strokes, you can be much more lazy on the YZ yet still keep up, if not pass, them. Also, since the thing revs (on power) past all 2 strokes, you have to shift less. Moroever, unless you are Jeremy McGrath you want a bike as forgiving when jumping as the YZ. If you do mostly slow trails and stuff I say look at the KTMs, but for EVERYTHING else I would say the YZ does them better (or good enough) than everything else. 2-strokes are on their way out, and it is due to the current 4 stroke technology.

Also, last I hear the 250F was MORE than the 426...don't buy the 250f unless you want to race in the 125 class.

I have to say that I love my YZ much more than my two stroke(KX250). I race/ride Harescrambles and trails. I find that I am working less on the thumper than I was on my two strokes for the same speed. But granted that extra weight plays into the cards if you go down or get into some really slow sloppy stuff. But for everything else I have found the thumper is far better. I loved steep nasty hill climbs on my KX, now I seek them out on the YZ. I don't think I have found a hill that the thumper doesn't outshine the two-strokes on.

The only downside that I see is with the YZ it truly a bike that needs to be pushed. The suspension doesn't seem to like the putt-putt one might want to do on a Sunday afternoon. LOL

As for the seat height, I would recommend MX-Tech. Jeremy is a wonder guru for shorting suspensions and not loosing functionability. I have a friend that had a WR done as he is that short also. He had it shorten a inch. The bike feels great and ride very good. I almost like it as much as my YZ.


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