Yz450f set up for a little guy!

Hey guys, i have a 2006 yz450f, im 5'5 130 pounds and ride ruff rutty moto tracks. The bike throws me around like a rag doll and having a hard time staying in ruts. So if you could could you please name some stuff off that could help?

Thanks alot,


eat more food and lift heavy weights.

That's mean

Make sure you are properly sprung for your weight. Need to achieve proper sag range of around 100mm.

Consider getting the suspension revalved for your weight and riding style/ability.

yamalink !!!

yeah the sag on my bike was all jacked up, i am 6'0 190 and the guy that rode it before was 5'3 125. i blamed it on me, but when i cahnged the sag, i had a whole different bike. try that 100mm out. it will most likely be a huge improvement

That's mean

Not trying to be rude, I was once a 130 lb dude too. People have it right about getting your sag set, But he made it sound like the bike was controlling him too much, which a bit of weight and strength would help him take control of it. But then again there are a few advantages to being 130 lbs.

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