Another good reason to always wear riding boots!!

I ran into this old boy on the trail yesterday. He was madder than an econazi at a mud bog. I've seen at least ten rattlers in the last two weeks. :)rattler.jpg


I saw the first one I'd ever seen in the wild last month down at Hatfield/McCoys. The wife and I were down there for a long weekend. We were riding the Bear Wallow system in Logan Co. on Saturday morning. Around 10:00am we were coming down this long rocky stairstep that led down to a shared-use firebreak/gas company road high on a ridgetop on trail #16. When I got down onto the level roadbed he caught my eye. He had just crawled out of the woods onto the hard pack of the roadbed in a sunny clearing to warm himself up I suppose. He was laying straight as a poker with his head and his rattles elevated. He was a dark color, with greenish-yellow markings and rattles. Only about 3ft. long, but very thick and heavy looking. He was well off to the left hand side of the road, and the road was very wide right there, so we just gave him a wide berth to the right and continued on. He never moved. Later back at the trailhead I met some locals and the ranger. I described him to them and they said, "Timber Rattler". That's why when riding the H/M systems in WV, when taking a break you shouldn't venture off the trail on foot down over the hill for a photo opp of that babbling mountain brook! :)


I haven't made it down to Hatfield/McCoy yet. Maybe we could meet there sometime and you could guide me to the good stuff. :) I ride in WV a lot, so if you ever get over into the Monongahela Natl. Forest side, PM me and we will go riding. :D

Rattlers are good eatin'! Now I definitely need to visit Stonewall. Snakes and sheep! :)

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